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Solutions for - Hotels, Restaurants, Bars - Villas, Residential Complex - Business Centers, Schools, etc. etj
At Hybrid Center we provide professional solutions!

We cooperate with professional companies of different categories in an environment:
- 6000 ㎡
- Parking
- Warehouse


We offer our showrooms of heating – cooling systems, Sanitary water systems, Photovoltaic and all other categories
for training groups of professional technical schools, specialists, engineers, architects, etc.

Showroom .

Visit our showroom - Hybrid Center!
  • Gree – Air Conditioner

    Gree Air Conditioner, Sanitary Hot Water, Hydraulic Systems
  • Globe Profesional

    ( Professional Kitchen, Laundry, Cooling, Porcelain, Cutlery Services, Etc )
  • Hybrid Energy

    Solar Panels, Inverters, Packages ( One Phase, Three Phase)
  • Tepe Home

    Living rooms, Bedrooms, Sets of sofas and Armchairs etc
  • Emigres

    Tiles, Hydrosanitary, Furniture etc

Solution .

Solutions for - Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, - Villas, Residential Complex  - Business Centers, Schools, etc.
Air conditioning, photovoltaic systems, professional kitchens, furniture, etc.
Everything for your business!


Bar Restaurant


Residential Complex

Business Center


Projects .

Projects realized with our Professional equipment!

About Us .

Hybrid is the first professional Center in Albania that provides solutions for   – Hotels, Bar Restaurant     – Villas, Residential Complex     – Shopping Centers, Schools etc.


Air conditioning systems, Photovoltaic panels, Professional kitchen, Laundry, Hotel Furnishings, etc


Tiles, Hydrosanitary, Parquet, Plumbing, Paints, etc


Hybrid, not only for hotels!

Everything for your business!